Consider the Ant

Who knew ants could teach you character?! Since arriving in Thailand we’ve experienced some super amazing things (mmm…coffee! Grown right in the mountains by our house!) and some not so amazing things. One of the creatures insistent on sharing a home with us is the ant. They’re small ants. Not big enough to have the satisfaction of squishing them. But there are enough of them to be a nuisance. They come out of microscopic holes in the concrete walls and are attracted to minuscule grains of sugar should you dare to leave one behind in cleanup. I think they smell it through the concrete! Or if you leave one dish out with a speck of food…they WILL find it! And invite their thousands of friends to come along for the feast. Fun fact…baby spit up is sweet. :-/ Another fun fact…toddlers like to throw food around.

We often talk about good habits we would like to establish in our family and one of them is the importance of going to bed with the kitchen and house completely clean so you wake up to a fresh start in the morning. We’ve come and gone with this habit over the years. What we didn’t know was that these little tiny ants would enforce it in our home! Each night it is practically required that we clean the kitchen entirely, sweep the house, and take out the garbage. Unless, of course, we’d like to have an ant war in the morning. But who wants to be battling ants when you could be sipping an amazing cup of coffee?

So I say, praise the Lord for ants!

As we consider these ants, we’ve also noticed how powerful they are when they work together. And they are determined!! One trail (of many) I found had ants coming through the crack under the front door all the way through the house to my pantry hutch….for a tiny box of raisins. Boy, do they travel far to get what they want. As a family, we want to be used by God. How far are we willing to go to accomplish that goal?

So I say, praise the Lord for ants. To be honest, they haven’t made the past week any easier as we transition to our new home. But they HAVE taught us some very important lessons.

ps- Halls (1) : Ants (0)