Cookie Exchange

Tonight was the Ladies Bible Fellowship for the month of December.  It was wonderful to be able to fellowship with other ladies, and even meet some new ladies!  Every December we do a cookie exchange, and there are usually so many goodies the plates are overflowing!  This year I tried a new recipe, Triple Chocolate Peppermint Cookies.  MMMMM!!!!! They were so delicious!

Tonight, Mrs. S. brought the devotion, and it was just what I needed! Isn’t it wonderful when the Lord gives you exactly what you need WHEN you need it?? The devotion was on Deborah (Judges 4-5) and her example as a judge in the Bible.  She was a woman, and most people misinterpret her life as one of usurping the man’s authority.  However, she was NOT in a leadership position.  Her ministry was as an encourager to Barak.  She never scolded or criticized him, even though he was weak and timid.  However, she encouraged him to follow the Lord’s leading and reminded him of the Lord’s promises.  She is the perfect example of a woman’s role in leadership! 
On another note, it feels so much later in the month!  Even though Christmas IS right around the corner, it feels like it should be this weekend. Maybe it’s because Christmas comes so early at the Holly Farm.  I am hoping to take some pictures and videos of us singing this weekend in our caroling costumes. 
Still no news with my dad.  They were able to take off but after three hours had to return due to plane issues.  Please pray that there will be no more issues and that he’ll be able to return home swiftly!