Decoration Celebration!

 ~Alyssa’s Side~

Christmas at the Hower house lasts a full month starting the weekend after Thanksgiving. Thankfulness for the Lord’s blessings continue as we quickly transition from leaves and gourds to snowmen and lights, from pumpkin pie to peppermint mochas. We always make an event out of decorating the house and tree. Mom makes her peanut butter balls (yum!) and several delicious dips. Snacking on the treats and humming along to the Christmas music in the background we reminisce over the ornaments that bring back so many memories. It’s such a precious time spent with family, especially this year. Now with the house all decorated we are anxiously awaiting my dad’s return and Benjamin’s visit. Now we just need snow. :-)[hr toptext=”” size=”superTiny” custom_size=”” hide_mobile_hr=”true”]


 ~Benjamins Side~

The day after Thanksgiving is when many family members go frantic over black friday deals and leave their home early to be the lucky person to snag a deal. I’m glad to say that my family has different traditions which doesn’t involve getting up early, for which I am very thankful. After eating an amazing meal by my mom, sisters, aunts and grandmother and getting back late Thanksgiving night, the last thing I feel like doing is darting out the door first thing in the next morning. This year as the past few years, Titus and I decorated the outside of our house with icicle lights. Growing up I absolutely couldn’t wait till my dad let me climb up the ladder, now a days I tend to hold the ladder and let Titus go to the top and then we both climb on the roof and finish the right side of the house. This year Hudson got on the roof with us and can’t wait till he gets to climb up the ladder and put the lights on the top gutter. I absolutely LOVE to see the finished product. The lights make every night I come back home so exciting. My sisters and Mom did an amazing job with decorating the inside of our house. Post-Thanksgiving day is such a wonderful time to spend with my family. I’m very thankful for them all!