Each Step I Take

It’s amazing how the Lord will use little things in our lives to encourage us just when we need it!  Flowers to show you’re appreciated, a small gift from a piano student, a conversation with a new friend, the list goes on!  I am so grateful to the Lord for how much He blesses me.  There are times I feel so overwhelmed with my life but He constantly reminds me that He is with me with every single step I take.  What a comfort!

Each Step I Take   by W. Elmo Mercer
Each step I take my Saviour goes before me,
And with His loving hand He leads the way.
And with each breath I whisper “I adore thee;”
Oh, what joy to walk with Him each day.
At times I feel my faith begin to waver
When up ahead I see a chasm wide.
It’s then I turn and look up to my Saviour,
I am strong when He is by my side.
I trust in God, no matter come what may,
For life eternal is in His hand.
He holds the key that opens up the way,
That will lead me to the promised land.
Each step I take I know that He will guide me;
To higher ground He ever leads me on.
Until some day the last step will be taken.
Each step I take just leads me closer home.