Farewell, Kali and Maggie!

Yesterday a family in the church had a big get-together to celebrate their son’s graduation from highschool. Yay!! So at the party we had a farewell cake for Kali and Maggie from the SPGs. I had the privilege of making it, and it was so fun!! I am SO loving the whole cake decorating thing. It’s getting easier, and I think I need to move onto something harder than “dots and swirlies”. 🙂 I am hoping to take a class soon and that will broaden my repertoire a little bit. LOL

Maggie and Kali will be missed immensely! They have been a major part of this church for SO many years and a big part of my life recently. I have enjoyed all the fun times of HWY 20 campouts, sleepovers, hot tubbing, playing Sorry Card Revenge, singing around the piano, talking and so much more! Even though they’ll be across the mountains, we’ll still have ALL of the fun memories. I definitely plan to make many trips to Twisp!

They won’t be leaving until the beginning of July, so we still have some time left with them. We’ll have to make the most of EVERY day!! Without overtaxing ourselves of course. 😉 I am sure you’ll see another post later with more fun pictures and reminiscing as they draw closer to their departure.