Father/Daughter Moment

One of my favorite things about being a mother is watching my husband interact with our baby girl. He’s such a good daddy! And she just loves him. She finds him entertaining and is more often than not ready to play with him first thing in the morning. Yes…at 3 1/2 months she’s already actively playing with her daddy. One thing she loves in particular is her daddy’s facial hair. If he holds her close enough to him she will stroke his beard for an extended period of time. Melts my heart every time! 

As I watch Chloe light up at her daddy’s presence, it made me think about how I react to the my heavenly Father’s presence in my own life. Do I seek Him out when I hear His voice? Do I turn towards Him to give me direction? Does He bring me delight. He’s the absolute perfect Father. Whether or not I truly ENJOY Him is entirely up to me.

Are you delighting in your Father today?