Ferries, Hay and Lavender

The title of this blog pretty much sums up the week.  It was full of excitment and adventure!!!  Let’s start with Monday….

Anna and I have been planning for some time to make a visit to Pelindaba Lavender Farm in Friday Harbor.  We both have Mondays off so we figured that July 5 would be the best time to go; we didn’t have to work and the lavender would be in full bloom.  Somehow…it slipped my mind that the busiest weekend for the ferries is 4th of July weekend.  I should know that since last year on July 3rd I spent several hours in the ferry lane.  Anywho, I guess I was thinking that since it was the day AFTER it wouldn’t be so busy.  But it seems that it was considered a holiday.  Well, I am jumping ahead of myself.  The day started out wonderfully!  A little early….but great!  We (Deborah, Nicki, Anna and I) arrived in Friday Harbor and headed straight for Pelindaba. (Linnea was meeting us there an hour later)  Everything was just beautiful!  A lot of the lavender was at it’s peak and it was really neat to see all of the different varieties.  I came away with some lovely pictures, videos of “lavender frolicking” and a small bottle of lavender hydrosol. (A life saver!)
So after Pelindaba we met up with Linnea at Downriggers for some good lunch.  I definitely branched out and tried some fish, which I was sorely dissapointed with the lack of flavor.  Oh well…I’ll just get something different next time.  Next came some shopping.  Serindipity, the used book store was a must!  We found some good buys in there then perused some other little shops.  We planned to take the 4:40 ferry and decided to park the car at the ferry landing at 3 just in case.  As we entered the lanes we were handed a reservation card for the 10:00 ferry which would get us home at 12!!! That was the next available boat!  So through Linnea’s ferry expertise we hopped on a ferry to Shaw hoping to catch a sooner boat from there to Anacortes.  Well….we arrived on Shaw only to see the insanely long line.  People had been waiting in line since noon for the 8:00 ferry!!  We thought we might not even make it back that night!  However, the Lord worked and we were able to make it home on Monday night instead of Tuesday morning.  What a day!  I think we made it back around 1 in the morning!  Made the week pretty exhausting but it was definitely an adventure. 🙂
Deborah and I at Down Riggers
The hat tradition at King’s Market
Playing a game of Sorry Card Revenge in the car.
So the next few days were spent just the normal everyday life.  I went to work, made cullotes, did piano lessons, etc.  Thursday brought on a whole new adventure!  Anna, Joel and I were asked to go out to Shaw to help bring the hay in. YAY!  I was most excited!  Anna and I stayed at the Holly Farm so we could get an early start on Thursday morning….the 7 am ferry!   So just as we were about to head out, I was going to put my stuff in Anna’s car and I accidently locked the keys in the car!  AHHH!!! So we sent Joel on ahead…there was no way we could make the ferry.  So we drove to her house to get the extra key, grabbed some coffee, and went back to the farm to watch a movie and wait for the next ferry.  By the time we made it out to Shaw it was 11.  But after eating some lunch we were able to just jump right in there!  Again, this year I was barn crew.   As exhausting and miserable as hay is in the moment, there is a certain bonding experience within.  I always look back on it with fond memories.  After a loong day of doing hay we were ready to hit the sack.  It was pretty warm so we three girls chose to sleep on the trampoline, which meant driving down to Gratzer house to pick it up….After much deliberation after arriving at the trampoline we realized that it would not fit through the gate. DUH! But instead of wasting the trip we took advantage of the trip and made a jumping party out of it!   the party included Linnea, Anna, Myself, Levi and Joel G.  We then headed down to the dock and realized that the water was FULL of little phosphorescent (sp) creatures!  They literally look like stars in the water that move when you disturb them!  It was very fun to move our hands in the water to make it glow.  We threw in giant rocks and it looks like fireworks!!  Amazing!!  The night finished off with a walk to Picnic Point in the dark…scary!  Yet beautiful!  The sky was so clear!  Sparklies above and below! LOL
So the plan was to harvest lavender this coming Thursday and Friday after camp, however the lavender decided it didn’t want to wait so that was on the agenda for Friday.  It was very tiresome especially after being so sore from hay….but I put it in the same category as hay.  It’s a fun experience that I think everyone should have the chance to do.  Well, I have barely scaratched the surface of the week, yet it’s a book!  Headed to camp tomorrow, so I’ll update you on that when I get back.
Bringing in a load of hay
Part of the lavender field that we harvest
Anna harvesting lavender
The van FULL of lavender!!!
New Lavender hanging in the shop.