Finally Finished!!!!

As many of you know, I am leaving for Thailand for eleven days with a
small group of guys from church. I am soo excited, however, to get to
this day of being able to take off I have been working almost night
and day. I told the different clients I have that I will be gone and
so if they need stuff done they have to tell me now. All of a Sunday I
became swamped with work. It has been crazy wild, my desk looks like a
tornado ripped through an threw papers and harddrives all over. Oh, btw
I just got two new clients from other parts of the world, one is in
Cyprus and the other group is in the Netherlands. I plan to mail the
good person test DVD and a nice note to all the guys since they all
love my work. I love reading their feedback on Elance and in the
emails they send. Another project I finally finished this week is for
Sean Murroney (via the Mission Resource Center). You can see it on my
website portfolio.

And yes, someday I will finally change my website from saying, “Coming
Soon” 🙂

I am so excited to go to Thailand and leave my computer behind. I’ll
bring my phone along, so Ill try to send some occasional blogs when I
get some wifi access. 🙂

Well, since my final project was just completed and it’s 12 o’clock.
I’m going to bed!!! 🙂

Farewell my bloggy friends!