Fireproof – So Inspiring

I just finished watching the movie “Fireproof” with my family and I gotta say that Sherwood Baptist did a fantastic job at creating another great Christian Film. Beside the music I absolutely loved the video. OKAY, before I go any further in writing I’ll just so NO I’m not having marriage problems, duh, obviously I’m not even married. I hope that wasn’t a revelation for anyone. But, anywho. The whole truth of understanding what true love is so important. When you understand what Jesus Christ did for you when you were an enemy against him is so amazing. Jesus loved us before we ever even thought about loving Him back.

The Love of Christ is just so amazing. When you even begin to grasp the truth of God’s love toward you, it is not possible to even begin to hate someone. The Bible from the beginning to the end shows Christ’s love toward us… Some people base their unbelief on why would a loving God create hell. The real thing to focus on is why did a loving God die. Hell was created for the devil and his angels, however our rebellion against God causes us to be punished to hell unless we repent. Hell is a warning, not the focus. See that Christ loved you inspite of your sin and things will change. I Know =)

(ok, and side note here, please don’t think that I have the lessons I post here on my blog down pat,,, haha ya.. that would be awesome if I did… but my goal is to keep changing so hopefully I will get some of these lessons better implemented by the end of my life 🙂 Just wanted to tag that on so you don’t think I am problemless, haha, far from that my friend, far from… God is still very busy working on me

Thanks for reading Everyone!

P.S. I SOOOOO want to create a motion film after watching the video….AHHH I would love to do that so much! =)

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  1. >I agree!! I just got to see Fireproof for the first time this past week, and was totally jolted- realizing how much my "love" really is dependent on the recipient. So often insincere.We were a little disappointed with the music, but sort of expected that. One thing that was encouraging was to find out that Kirk Cameron didn't break his commitment to not kissing another female actor- they flew his wife in to shoot the final embrace/kiss!I'm with you- the videography was so excellent- inspiring and motivating- I badly want to go shoot a feature film now!! 🙂

  2. >Ya, That was really cool. Titus told me that he read that too. When I watched the video I knew in my head that was most likely his wife when they did that part. It was cool to find out that it actually was!

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