First Day of School!

Indeed it is….or I should say, was. It’s almost tomorrow and I have been online for the past several hours trying to sort through all of my online classwork. This is so confusing! Two classes=three online programs. Very muddled. But I’ll wade through it all. Hopefully sooner than later!

Today is when winter quarter “officially” started. However, my private piano lessons started yesterday. I’ll start with that experience. It’s been several years since I’ve been on the student end of lessons. For the past several years I’ve been basically teaching myself and any classical music was played purely for my own enjoyment. Even after one lesson, I can tell that my teacher is wonderful! Her home studio, for one, is spectacular! Two baby grands, one a Steinway (picture angels singing and the heavens opening. LOL). It was amazing to play on. Unfortunately, from here on out my lessons will be at the college. But anyway, back to the teacher. She has the amazing ability to distinctly point out your errors in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you just totally ruined everything. Well, I felt like that anyway but that’s my own fault. LOL

So she let me play through my Mozart Sonata. I felt pretty good about it. Afterall, I was REALLY nervous and it was probably that best I had played it. Then she pointed out TONS of stuff! Seriously, I had no idea that a trill written by Mozart and a trill written by Chopin would be played differently! Guess those are things you have to be taught. So anyway, then I played a Chopin Nocturne for her. I kid you not, measure by measure By MEASURE!! NOTE BY NOTE she critiqued. While it’s somewhat frustrating while your sitting there because you are thinking “I HAD this!!!” you know that she is right. But I began to totally overthink the whole thing and mess up on things that I DID have before. Oh well, the first lesson is over and now I know what she expects.

Today was my first day attending class. My mom jokingly said, “This is my little girl’s first day of school!” As funny as that is, it’s so true! My mom has never sent me off on the school bus for my first day. It’s always been here at home. It was a new experience for me, but I didn’t dislike it. Granted, I will encounter some World View differences, but I am prepared for all of that. Tomorrow I head over to Mt. Vernon for my Choir class. I am so curious to see what kind of music she will have us work on. :-/ Well I am off to dive into my Biology Book…