First Day of Spring

  Today is officially the first day of spring and while here on Whidbey we experienced many seasons in just one day (which is pretty normal) we did get some “normal” spring weather.  Even right now the sun is rather indecisive and trying to peek around the dark clouds.

It’s also the first day of my Spring Break and that too makes me very happy! Technically this whole week is finals week but because all my finals were on Monday I have two whole weeks off. *happysigh* Last year on spring break I was down the whole time from having my wisdom teeth removed. (shudder).  I hope to be more productive this time around and actually check things off my “to do” list that hardly gets touched during school.

Here are some pictures of the tulip festival last year. I can’t WAIT for the tulips to bloom again. It’s just breathtaking.  They usually bloom sometime in April but it’s all dependent on the weather.