First Week in Thailand

Things here in Mae Sai are proving to be an adventure! We arrived at 1am Thai time on Friday night (Saturday morning?) and were greeted by the whole Williams family! Paul and Ellie were determined not to miss the airplane. 😉 So much excitement! Chloe was not nearly as enthused after the long flight. Both of the kids did extremely well considering. We promptly went to our hotel in Chiang Mai and slept quite soundly. I guess hardly sleeping for 48 hours will do that to you.

The next morning we hit the ground running with shopping for the house as there are certain things that are easier to find in Chiang Mai than up in our area. (Chiang Mai is about 4 1/2 hours south of us) I felt like I did after we got married when you have to set up a house basically from scratch. Add jet lag in there and it makes for an exciting time shopping. 😀 Before heading north we made a lunch stop at a favorite restaurant, The Dukes! Western Food and delicious.

The long drive didn’t feel so long since Anne and I drove together. Lots of chatting and catching up! We arrived in Mae Sai around 5pm and were introduced to the Williams lovely home. I’m pretty sure Chloe is in love with the yard that she can freely run around in since it’s gated. Then off to our house! Our house is about a 5 minute drive or a ten minute walk from their house. Not too bad!

Today we went to the mall in Chiang Rai (about an hour away) for a fun day out and to do some house shopping. (Yay toaster oven!!) It was so cute to see the kiddos giggling and playing together. They’re becoming great pals.

Yesterday I was able to go with Anne to a Bible study she’s doing with Vera & Sue. Vera is a young Chinese lady who teaches here in Thailand and is looking to improve her English. Sue is an older Thai Buddhist lady but is interested in English and in learning more about Christianity. Some really neat opportunity there! And it was fun to see how Anne weaves studying the Bible into teaching English.

We are still transitioning into a new schedule and routine here in Thailand so every day feels a little different and wonky. Trying to find a new “normal” can be tricky. But we are getting there! Thanks for praying. Please pray for wisdom as we continue to make decisions on where we should spend our time and resources. There are a lot of opportunities ahead and we want to be led by the Spirit in every way.