So I’ve been a little off the radar the last week when it comes to blogging.  Well, here’s something interesting to write about!!  For the past several days Thailand has been experiencing significant rainfall over the entire country.  Naturally, after so much rain, flooding is to be expected.  It finally started yesterday we noticed the river in our village rising and moving quickly.  It began to fill the streets and rise very quickly!!  We set several alarms during the night so we could check.  That is not something you want to be surprised about in the morning!! And with all the computers in the office we want to keep tabs on the water level.  PTL it didn’t rain too much during the night, but today we have noticed a definite rise in the waters!  We drove the car to the office this morning and it wasn’t too bad.  We drove very slowly and it was manageable.  By lunch time things were much worse.  When Ahn Ahn went to get lunch for everyone his motorcycle nearly died from the water. 

About an hour ago Pookie and I took someone else’s motorcycle to go get supplies (water, batteries, etc).  His motorcycle is much higher.  We started out taking the car but after some rather frightening noises decided against it.  The motorcycle seemed to work but while driving there, the water was above Pookie’s feet!!  We made it out of the village and to the supermarket.  By the time we got back it was even higher! I was just praying the whole way into the village that we would make it to the office and praise the Lord, we did!!  Not sure how the coworkers will make it home today and we certainly won’t be going anywhere till the water goes down.

This is kind of like a snowstorm……only different. Here’s another adventure to add to the list! 😀

Driving to the office this morning.

Turning the corner to the office.

The tree in front of the office that fell.

This is later in the day. It has risen quite a bit at this point.

So high!!

Started out trying to go in the car.  Created quite the waves.

SOO much water!!

Look how high the river is!

Pookie’s feet were covered as she drove the motorcycle.

We may need to get some of these at some point. Hoping not!