Friend or Foe?

We have a new member to the household. She’s very small…..smaller than Chester. This is cause for jealousy. Or is it? He actually wasn’t quite sure what to make of the little hamster (Rebecca just got this hamster. The name is Cocoa.) and at first he was a little skittish. He would peer inside the box at the little furball and sniff. All of a sudden he realized that it’s a little rodent and his natural tendencies came out. (Christopher said I should have said “instinct” instead of “tendencies” but I’m sticking with my instinct and putting “tendencies”.) He started nipping at the ball as she rolled around but he’s still a scaredy cat. It will be intersting to see how their relationship develops over time. Either they will be friends or we will have an endless (one-sided) battle on our hands.