Friends and Bugs

You might be wondering how those two things can mix.  Me too. Well….here’s how it goes. 🙂

Monday night we had a celebration at mine and Pookie’s house.  Technically it was to celebrate the 4th of July but being such a multi-cultural group we had a pretty multi-cultural evening. Wonderful food from several different countries and SO many fun games! We played the longest Jenga game ever. I think it neared an hour. Whew! Then switched to Rummikub. Then…(drum roll please) we switched to Spoons! Almost no one had played before and once we started no one wanted to stop!  We played for about three hours then had to call it quits due to working the next day. My side was hurting so much from laughing. Good times!

Onto the bugs…you knew this was coming. I think it was the very next day that Ahn Ahn gladly took himself off to the market and brought back (With a smile!) a bag full of bugs. Varieties of bugs. Big bugs. Small bugs. Black Bugs. Brown bugs. ICK! It took a while to convince me to eat any. To be honest, I knew I wasn’t getting out of there that day without eating at least one. So…..I did it. I ate them. I only ate two….and a half if you count the big grasshopper legs. I just had to laugh as everyone stood around the plates eating them like candy. ICK!  Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures. And don’t worry….I will NOT be bringing back bugs as souvenirs. 🙂

My homemade Chocolate cake. I baked for the first time in a toaster oven and I was so surprised at the results!

The evening’s spread.

Pookie making her famous KFC (Khemjira Fried Chicken). 🙂


Some awesome background music. 🙂

Love that concentrated look….

Enjoying a game of spoons.

One of many….

The rule was if you lost a round you had to drink a cup of water.  Needless to say, Bro. Jeng Lang lost this round… 😀

And….Bro. Somsak lost THIS round. haha

Here goes nothin….



Even worse!

“Kaw….don’t do it!”

Yeah….I ate that little guy.

Kinda chewy…not expecting that.

Pookie….that’s sick.


Eating it like candy!

Working. Yes….I do that sometimes. 🙂

About as close as I can get to Mt. Dew over here. 🙁