From Power to Piano

This morning I was pleasantly surprised that no loud obnoxious buzzing
sounds woke me up this morning. The power went off during the
night….. However, I still had to leave my comfortable bed and get
started with the day in-spite of the power outage. It rained a lot last
night. Though the rain did put a damper on the morning it still was so
beautiful to hear, its quite relaxing. Thankfully the Lord allowed the
power to be on the morning so the coffee was ready like usual 🙂 hehe

I wanted to write this blog to thank the Lord for the ability which He
has given me to play the piano. God is so kind to us. He has given us
all different abilities to serve him in many ways. Tonight I was able
to play the really cool grand piano at church for the offering. I
absolutely love the sound of the new piano. The sound is quite rich.
Oh, btw I also had a great talk with some of my friends at church
afterward and it was a great spiritual encouragement as we talked about
the spiritual books we’ve been reading. Charlie Tremendous Jones had a
great impact on me when I visited him a little while back. Since then
books mean so much more to me and I’ve been enjoying reading so many.

Okay to wrap it all up, today’s blessing is the ability to serve God
with music. I hope to encourage you all to thank the Lord for the many
talents He has given you.