Fun in Seattle

Yesterday we spent the day in Seattle with the Teales. It was so fun to do some exploring!! It’s pretty typical I think to get into routine in the place that you live where you never go out to see the normal sites. That’s how Seattle is for us. We had never been to Pike’s Place Market or the Space Needle (Well, I had. But not my family). We “Started” the day by going to Benihana’s for lunch. That was a blast! Not only is the food delicious, but the chefs are so entertaining as they flip and twirl their knives and spatulas. And I qoute, “Don’t try this at home.” hahaha Kind of funny…the two times I have gone to Benihana’s (a Japanese Restaurant) our chefs were both Mexican. What’s with that?! Either way, they were very entertaining. We then proceeded to the space needle. You would think that to find the space needle you would just look up, right? It wasn’t that easy. Because of large buildings blocking our view, we only saw the Space Needle as we got within two blocks. Up we went (It takes 41 seconds to get to the top) to the Observation Deck 570′ high. Great view of Seattle! Then we went to Pikes Place Market. That was sooo interesting. So many shops that it would take an entire day to see everything. It was fun to browse and I look forward to going back when I have more time. Unfortunately, we didn’t witness any fish throwing. Too bad. We visited what we thought was the original Starbucks. Found out tonight that it wasn’t. Again, too bad. TONIGHT Christopher and I met up with the Teales to go to the Chieftains Concert. That was a BLAST! It’s been a while since I felt so energized. lol. I am a huge fan of traditional Irish music and I love Irish fiddle music! I was satisfied to say the least. 🙂
I’ve just returned home and I hear rumors that school might be canceled tomorrow due to snow. What a shocker! Snow is a rarity around here. The Mainers must’ve brought it with them. :-p Hoping for a snow day…..
Pike’s Place Market
Space Needle from Below
We passed by an awesome piano store. I just had to get a picture of this awesome Steinway!!! I wanted to play it but, imagine that. There was a sign that said I couldn’t. What a shame.