Fun with All-State Choir!

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Last weekend (Now by the time this is posted, three weekends ago 🙂 Benjamin and I (along with two other adults) took 12 teens from EBA to participate in KCEA’s (Keystone Christian Education Association) All-State Choir. This is something that Ben participated in when he was in high school as well! The teens (with the help of Chris Gable as director and myself as pianist) have been working hard since the beginning of the school year spending several hours every Wednesday learning the music. And let me just say, these are not easy pieces! The music was very challenging and overwhelming at times. But it wasn’t without benefit! They all had to send in audition recordings and they all made it! 🙂 The time for us to travel to Harrisburg finally came and we were all so excited to finally be able to do something with all this music we had been learning.

On Thursday we drove to Harrisburg and our teens joined over 100 other teens to begin practicing for Saturday’s concerts. Since I never participated when I was younger I wasn’t sure what to expect. The director this year was Dr. David Ledgerwood. As soon as he started to do warm-ups with the choir I got goosebumps. Absolutely beautiful sound came from the small church building. The room became hushed as everyone began to intently focus on the task at hand. He slowly went through each of the 11 songs during that three hour practice session and by the end we were all ecstatic to finally hear the results of our hard work! We made our way back to the hotel knowing the Friday would be a packed day.

And was it ever! We arrived at the church around 8:30 and the morning started out with devotions and a little pep talk. We knew it would be a long day, but we didn’t know how long! Twelve hours later, with breaks for meals and sectionals, the teens were exhausted but fully prepared to sing their best on Saturday for the two concerts. It was wonderful to hear from the students how they were affected by the words and the music as they gave testimonies of their experiences in KCEA.

Then came Saturday. The big day! I had never been to the Pennsylvania state capitol since I’m still relatively new to PA. I have to say that it is an absolutely beautiful place! The rotunda is breathtaking! We arrived at 8:00 on the dot, and by 8:30 were practicing under the huge dome in the capitol. Stunning! Awe-inspiring! Absolutely amazing! I can’t really express in words how beautiful it was to hear the music in that beautiful place. The sound reverberating in such a way that gave me goosebumps and had me sitting in the edge of my seat waiting to hear more. It truly was spectacular! Of course, we all have our favorite songs performed that day, a few of which we will share here.

It was a wonderful experience in which I’m so glad we were able to be a part of. Our teens did a wonderful job and appear to be inspired, which is always a plus. 🙂 Looking forward to future musical adventures with the teens!

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