Fun With Pranks

First, a little history. This week at Bible Training Institute, my friend Joel enlisted my friend Linnea to steal my keys from my purse. Why you ask? Because a while back he had said he could do things to my car and I denied it. Being the competitive person that he is, he had to prove me wrong. 🙂 So he got my keys, and moved my car ALLLL the way across the parking lot. I had a great laugh over that one. After he did it he gave Anna my keys. The little stinker! There I was, shaking my purse, SURE that I had my keys. And the whole time they were in her pocket.

Well this meant war. Anna, of course was willing to be in on helping me get Joel back. All fun for her, but no repurcussions. So, with her help, after work yesterday we some sparkly glitter and “Decorated” the drivers seat of his car. His first words when I saw him were “Game on!!”. hahaha it was great!

I decided to steer Joel’s urge for revenge in another direction. After all, she HAD helped both of us get each other, yet she had no consequences. This must be fixed. We concocted a plan. An evil, yet brilliant plan! After work Anna’s younger brother succeeded in getting her keys from her. She had them in her pocket….she was definitely paranoid! haha So while Anna was down at the house doing some things, Joel and Andy drove her car to the back of the property and into the woods. As they were doing that, I was running around afixing the “clues” that would lead her to her car. teehee. When we were all situated we all got into the hidden car and sent off the first text. From me: “Play the game, find your car. Your first clue is on its way.” From Joel to Anna: “Sign in, sign out.” Off she went to the sign in sheet to find her first clue. It then led her to a display in the shop, out to the boatport, out to the horse trailer, then to the gardens, then to the Christmas tree lot, then to her car. It was very amusing to see her finding her way around the property. We all got such a good laugh out of it!! Sorry, Anna. I was a traitor. But it definitely was fun!! 🙂 Until the next prank…

3 Comments on “Fun With Pranks”

  1. Hilarious! Writing the clues is half the fun. I did this for Scott’s Birthday presents this year and had a lot of fun with it:)
    Glitter on the seat. Yikes! My dad hated glitter. How did he get it cleaned off?

  2. @Meleah. this was the first time I made up a scavenger hunt and it really was a lot of fun! Especially when you have about 7 acres to work with. 🙂 Not sure how Joel got it out. He said his seat is still sparkly but that it adds character. lol he’s been a good sport. But then, he deserved it!

    @Janell. You bet! I’m all paranoid now with every little thing. I can’t live like this! haha

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