Gagging on Gigs

WARNING: Those of you who are not techy probably won’t find this post
very interesting 🙂 but for those who are understand I’ve been giving
my computer heart attacks of gig after gig of video.

Now you may be thinking, just get a external harddrive. Well, I have
two and they are both basically FULL. My laptop has 100GB of space and
my extra harddrives hold 160 and 500. I’m trying to burn an ISO image
and my computer is telling me I don’t have enough room. 🙁 I think I
need a terabyte drive or something…lol

Well, on top of the other video projects Mr. Anger told me how busy
his schedule and asked me if I could get the videos together for the
graduation and as always I couldn’t resist a video project 🙂 Mr.
Anger has been such a help and encouragement to me through the years
and so doing the videos to help him out is quite a blessing.

Blessings: A blessing is that the guy from the UK promised me more
paid work 🙂 Also, I did finish the project for the other guy and he
left me nice feedback on Elance. I have a fairly nice looking
reputation on Elance now which is really nice and helpful.

This day was really nice, Its been great having Tim Reeder at our
house. Its great to see him again. While Tim, Titus and the other guys
were running around outside shooting each other I was able to get
quite a bit of video work and such done at the church while being
serenaded by someone’s excellent piano practice. 🙂 and when I got
home my mom had an awesome supper… don’t get me wrong my Mom makes
the most awesome food in the whole world, but after working hard and
having a good day it made the food even more enjoyable 🙂 I have no
idea why I am actually still feeling awake right now, but at least I
was able to update my blog and finish the DVD ISO so I can upload to
the web tomorrow for the guy to download.

Have a Wonderful Day to whoever reads my blog 🙂 lol


P.S. I’m going to get something together more spiritually minded soon,
recently video has been clogging a lot of my time so most of my
blessings have been pertaining to this life…I’ll get something
together for ya soon, I’ve been getting some good things from my
devotions so I’ll see if I can post a yummy tidbit soon, hehe