Getting Ready! Are you?

Three weeks. Three quick weeks! How did nine (realistically….ten) months fly by so quickly?! It’s hard to believe that our little girl will be joining us in the world so soon. Ever since January I’ve been preparing myself (and our house!) for her grand entrance. It’s amazing how much needs to be done just to say hello. I’ve spread the work out so it’s been a gradual process, but a lot of work, nonetheless! There’s a house to organize, hospital bags to pack, freezer meals to prepare, classes to take, many doctor’s appointments, and the list goes on. Especially now that we are down to the last few weeks it seems as if my mind is consumed with Baby. When is she going to come? Will I have everything together that I need? What if she comes early? I suppose if you are a mom then you completely understand. 🙂

As I was thinking about all the work that we’ve done to welcome our little girl, I began to think about someone else who is coming that we need to prepare for. Yes…I was thinking of Jesus’ return and Second Coming. Much like this baby, we don’t know WHEN He is going to come! But that doesn’t mean that we don’t prepare or plan for His coming. Could you imagine if we treated a baby’s birth the same way that we treat the coming of our Lord? I’m afraid for many of us we would be severely unprepared to care for our babies. We usually spend much time planning the perfect Going Home outfit for the baby, we plan colors for the nursery, and even wash all their clothes so their sensitive skin isn’t affected poorly. We spend hours thinking about what he/she will be like. Will they look like me? Or my husband? What will their personality be like? It’s so fun to think about my baby!

When it comes to being ready to meet Christ, how far are we into our preparation? Life is fleeting. Perhaps you will meet Him before He returns for the saints. Have you prepared yourself spiritually? Or are you living as if you won’t see Him for a long while yet? Unlike with baby where a lot of my preparations are a one time thing, preparing to meet Christ takes a constant state of surrender to Him. Maybe you’ve never taken the first step of salvation. Please take the time to read how Christ changed my life HERE and gave me the opportunity to spend eternity with Him.

After the baby comes, it’s too late to “prepare”. When Christ comes, it’s too late to choose. It’s too late to make things right with the Lord.

I’m ready for this baby. Are you ready to meet the Lord?