I’ve noticed this command from Christ often this past month as I’ve been reading the Bible in my devotions. God wants his followers to be active in moving ourselves out of what we are currently doing and moving or going ourselves to those who need to hear the gospel message. The love which Jesus has shown to us is unbelievable and Christ simply wants us to also give up ourselves as he did and give everyone the opportunity to be saved. Don’t think I’m just pointing the finger at you, but what actions have you been taking to speak to someone who needs to be saved. Do you have the Love for others as the Love which Christ showed for us on the cross?
Also, to add to this, God may have not led you specifically to go to another country to preach, but there is a task which everyone can be apart of and that is praying to the Lord of the Harvest that he will send forth more laborers into his harvest. So today, Go, and pray for others to go.