God is Wonderful

Hello Mom, Dad, Nina, Selena, Titus, and Hudson!!!
The Lord has been very good to me. Right now I just feel so
overwhelmed about how great the Lord has been to me. I just had a
great meal with Berm and Aaron at Future Park and the day though
filled with many problems was successful in my eyes. I got my laptop
working with the server. I located and imported all the footage I’ve
recorded the last few days and got my hair cut and the lady didn’t
butcher it like poor Aaron, lol. I was nervous for a second because
when I was explaining how I wanted my hair cut I told Berm that the
guy who cuts my hair buzzes the sides and he said, “Oh, you want a
buzz” Ahhh, right now I no desire for a buzz. Thankfully we got things
worked out so I came out of the house with hair still in tact. It was
funny going in this ladies front door to get my hair cut cause there
was lady next to me getting her hair hydrated or something because she
had this thing over her and steam was coming out. 🙂 I have no clue,
but whatever, I guess those big things work. Thankfully guys don’t
need that done because it looks so crazy.
Oh my word, mom once again I see why animals aren’t your thing. 🙂
I’m not sure if I mentioned in any of my other emails, but David has
two baby bunnies, Joshua and Anna. Well, there is only one now because
Joshua died two days ago. Anyhow, Anna has been bouncing around the
room because she has figured out how to jump out of the box. She’s
been using the bathroom all over the room and last night she decided
that my pants on the floor were a great hotel. I mean I guess you have
to look at it from her perspective, the air conditioning was blowing
there, the pants are nicely laid out and softer than tile. Well,
needless to say she thought her hotel came with bathroom facilities
and she soiled my pants like really bad. I was a little bummed to find
my pants looking like that in the morning. Thankfully David has
banished Anna to the downstairs and is planning on getting her a cage
so she doesn’t always have free roam of our dorm.
Anyhow as I was saying, I am rejoicing in a great day, my office area
is cleared off and ready to begin some creative projects. Oh, ya gotta
pray for Bro. Tom because he kinda had a rough day and is resetting
the server tonight because to be honest it was a bit of a pain this
morning and right now we can’t connect to the printer.
Oh Titus, you would love the buffett here, you can eat so much at
this Japanese buffett for a really good price. We had all sorts of
meat and squid, haha. Honestly it wasn’t bad, a little on the chewy
side. I wouldn’t make it a diet, but it was good to try out. We get to
cook everything on a coal heated grill and so we just kept asking for
rice and more meat and noodles and we kept the coals going. There was
also icecream there so that was pretty cool. Us guys really got our
money worth from that place =) .
The Lord has been taking care of all my needs also, my new “Bible
Plan” app has been selling fairly well as well as “My Prayer Lists”
and so far it seems that every day all the expenses I’ve paid out
everyday have been covered with each days sales. Hey it ain’t much,
but to me it’s just cool to see God taking care of me each day. The
Pastor at Lat Prou (or however you spell that) preached about
depending on God for each days needs and the passage he used was about
when God took care of his people by giving them manna and they weren’t
to take more than they needed.
Oh, I feel like I have more to write, but I’m not sure how to sum up
my day in a letter like this. Too much typing. 🙂 hehe, anyhow, oh oh,
I just remembered to tell ya mom that I did practice my piano 🙂 *
wink *wink. There are two guys at the church here which are the
Pastor’s sons, they are Billy and Bay. They both play the piano and
loved the music books I brought over. I told them they could photocopy
them because they don’t have any of that music in Thailand and beside
everything in Thailand is illegal anyhow so I don’t think whoever was
the writer of the music will have a cow that there music is being used
to worship the Lord in a country that can’t get their music. Oh, also
I got to sing in the choir was pretty cool. They did sing english for
us 🙂 hehe, ya I think I would pretty much butcher the song if it was
in Thai. I can hardly use English properly 🙂
Well, I can go on and on with stories, so I better stop. Thanks for
reading my ramblings. 😉 Love ya, Miss ya, and Praying for ya 😀