Handel’s Messiah

Yesterday we had our annual SPG (Singles Pleasing God) activity: going to Seattle to see Handel’s Messiah at Benaroya Hall. YAY!! This was our second year going and it was fabulous! I’ve been looking forward to it all year and I was not disappointed. There were different soloists this year and that changed it up a bit. Of course I had my favorite soloist (and my not so favorite). 🙂

This year the choir was spectacular and the orchestra amazing! Gerard Schwartz definitely knows what he’s doing.

Last year we all dressed very formally. The girls all wore fancy dresses and the guys wore bowties. While we may have dressed down compared to last year, we still decided to stay on the dressy side. For myself, I don’t have many occasions to dress up so I like to do so when I can. I don’t have an all inclusive group photo. But I do have a photo of everyone in the “Fun V.” LOL All of us who work at the Holly Farm were picked up on the way out, so this is our group. We all met at Claim Jumper for dinner then scrambled to get to the concert by 8:00.

It was a great memory and now I am even more excited to see Lang Lang at Benaroya Hall in January!

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  1. Awww, I wish so bad I could have been there to enjoy it with y’all. Sounds like you had a ball, and I KNOW it was beautiful! I guess Josh probably had to miss out because he was feeling so bad. 🙁 So glad you had an enjoyable time.


  2. You guys look nice! I definitely like you switching up your black dress with the ribbon, nice!! Wish I could have been there but glad you all had fun!

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