Happy Birthday, Christopher!

Who has us laughing even when we don’t want to be just because we can’t help it?  Who gets wire, batteries and other gadgets in his Christmas stocking because he loves to make little contraptions??  Who built me a cookbook stand with his Knex?  Who complains about violin practicing but ends up practicing for an hour just because he loves it?  Who specializes in making pound cakes and wanted to even make his own birthday cake?

Yup….Christopher. He’s turning 15!!! Very hard to believe especially when I think back to when I was 15.  That truly seems like just yesterday.  Chris is an awesome brother.  He has us in stitches so many times with his witty humor.  (Oh he thinks he’s so smart. haha)  He’s my partner in crime when it comes to music.  It’s been so fun to share songs, him on the violin and me on the piano.  I love having a brother that enjoys classical music and the like!  Looking forward to what the Lord has for him this next year.  Driving?? oh no!  Maybe he’ll learn while I’m gone for three months. hehe.  Love you, Christopher!

3 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Christopher!”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Christopher!!! Hope he has a wonderful day. My goodness, brothers and sisters grow up way to fast. I can hardly believe Julia will be 16 in another 3 months.

    ~ Janell

  2. Happy Birthday Chris!

    Haha…I just remembered when we were there in September and all of a sudden our fruit snacks disappeared! I’m sure it was quite the sight…4-5 girls scouring a room like that in search of fruit snacks. LOL He got us good!

  3. Yeah he did……he was nice though and gave them back. The little stinker. 🙂 He argues that he’s not little because he’s taller than me.

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