Happy Birthday Dad!

Praising the Lord for an awesome Dad! Today (February 15, 2007) My family and I got together a surprise birthday party for my Dad. He had told my Mom he didn’t want a big party, but hey its his 50th birthday how could you not do something extra special :). I can’t imagine having lived 50 years. That’s over double my age! Its like living my life twice…well, at least I’m saved so I could live for God. Speaking of that, imagine how long eternity is. that gives me another blessing. I will be able to be with my Dad in heaven someday too! The way things are looking the rapture will probably happen soon. But whether I live to be one more day old or if I get to live to 50, I praise the Lord that I’m saved and I have a heavenly Father who loves me even more than my earthly father….and that’s a lot



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