Happy Birthday, Linnea!

Birthday #2! Ok so today really IS Linnea’s birthday! lol. Linnea has been a wonderful friend to me in so many ways. She keeps me optimistic when I feel more like a pessimist, she stays at my side as I nearly die falling off a cliff, and she….always drinks my sweet tea. LOL (Linnea LOVES our sweet tea and always heads straight for the fridge every time she comes over.)

We’ve had so many fun memories together over the past couple of years, it really would be hard to name them all. A few of my favorites are: Taking night walks on Shaw (especially the one with the “stars in the water”), going camping on Shaw (when Linnea built this massive fire that I was sure would burn down the entire island), sleeping out on the trampoline at night to watch the stars, and peeling wallpaper to make fun “graffiti” on her wall! Those are just a FEW of the fun memories. Good times….I look forward to many more of those…..Happy 18th Birthday Linnea!
At the hotel in Victoria

At Pelindaba Lavender Farm

Hat picture at LL Bean in Maine