Happy Birthday, Mom!

So now the time has come…last day of her thirtieth decade…Yes you read right..she’s 40! Tonight we celebrated my mom’s 40th birthday (even though it’s not til tomorrow) and we had a great time! Several families from church came over and my mom cooked up some real good Seafood Gumbo. MMM!!!!

Mom has been SUCH a good mother in so many ways. There have been many times where she’s been in the “single parent” shoes while my dad was away on deployment with the NAVY. Through years of that she’s always been right there with us ready to jump in on any fun that might be in view or to give wise council when needed. After many hours of chatting on my bed over the years, I can truly say that my mom is my friend. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!
The cake I made for my mom…