Harping for Hours

I don’t want to harp on ya, but my fingers feel very calloused right now from the hours of playing instruments today at Macy’s. Last year just my sisters played, but this year my Mom decided to throw the whole group of us in. It was certainly fun because we have practiced for so many hours at home its nice to actually get out and play for other people. A lot of people took our business cards, unfortunately we couldn’t pass out any tracts or sell any CD’s because that was the rules they gave us, but it was really nice to see the friendly faces of people as the smiled and complimented us on how nice it was to see a family that has fun playing their instruments together.

I called the title of this post harping for hours, but the truth is I just wanted a cute jingle for the post, I really only played one harp song with my brother, but I did play the guitar the whole time and by the end of the playing I could barely press a string without my fingers crying to me. Ya, it got kind of painful by the end of the second hour. Not to mention we did a full practice at home before we played for two hours at Macy’s.

Overall though it was a blessing, and I got something for you to check out… I updated the website www.themusichalls.com with a small picture of our new CD cover which will hopefully be available in October. I had a fun time with photoshop making up the new CD cover. I also updated the two CD pages with links to iTunes so if you want to put some harp music on your iPod or something you can purchase it there. Come one come all and buy some great music…lol, ok I’m done and ready to go to bed. Thanks for reading my post and have a great day!!!