Hello, have we met?

You meet new people all the time, in business meetings, at at a coffee shops and at church. Something which everyone values is their name and if you remember their name it truly means a lot to them. Do you remember a time when someone who you hadn’t seen in awhile called you by name? Can you think of a time when you returned to a some business whether it was a restaurant or a hardware store and the cashier smiled and spoke to you by name? Did that make you feel special? Remembering a persons name is one key to show someone you care about them and as follower of Jesus Christ showing the love of Christ to others is key. It’s who we are.

I’ve recently come across an app which can possibly change the way you and I interact with people. It will help you remember the names of people you encounter along your day and organize them in a logical pattern. The app is made by Evernote and is called Evernote Hello. I want to remember peoples names to show them that I care about them as a person, but with my limited mental capabilities I at times get peoples names mixed up or simply forget. =) This app can do a lot of the leg work by helping you remember the people you met and where you met them. I’m going to work at making this part of my life! I’ll let ya’ll know how it turns out, it’s something which I’ve been looking for!

BTW, speaking of meeting new people I have a pretty cool announcement to share with ya’ll! I will be flying to Washington state for the month of May to receive preaching training from Pastor Sargent. I will also be showing some of the guys there how to do video editing! Chris has been very excited to hear about this trip and has been telling me everywhere I need to visit. Oak Harbor sounds quite amazing with all its mountains peaks and water ways. Pastor Sargent has been keeping in touch with me via email as we’ve worked out the details of the trip. I’m really looking forward to flying there and meeting the people of Bible Baptist Church.

Evernote Hello