Homemade Sugar Scrub

Today I got the idea to make a sugar scrub, homemade of course.  I found that it’s VERY easy to make and it feels soooo good!  Why spend so much money on this stuff (actually, I never buy it because it’s so expensive) when you could make it yourself? Here’s how I made mine:

Sugar, white   (or equal amounts of brown and white)
Olive oil
Vanilla extract (for scent) or another scented oil

I didn’t measure the ingredients but just mixed until I was happy with the consistency.  First, pour your sugar into a glass bowl.  If you’re using brown and white mix them together thoroughly.  Add oil.  If you add too much, simply pour in more sugar.  Alternate between oil and sugar until you’ve got a nice texture.  I prefer mine to be more on the oily side as opposed to dry.  But you can do what you like.  Once you’ve got it how you like, add your scent. When I used the Vanilla extract I couldn’t really smell it in the mixture.  But once I used it, my hands smelled nicely like vanilla. So it that’s easy!!  I’ve thought that this would be a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift.  Just find a cute little jar, add some ribbon, and you’re all set!

To use: First, wash hands.  Dry, then apply sugar scrub.  Scrub for a while to get a good exfoliation.  Rinse and dry.  If you don’t like the feeling of oil on your hands wash with soap.  You can also use this scrub in the shower for a full-body exfoliation.   ENJOY! 🙂