How do I put gas in my tank?

Hey ya’ll I just got back from visitation and remembered a funny experience which I had to share. 🙂 Before leaving for Bloomsburg I needed to stop at Hess to fill up my car. It was quite thirsty. As I was filling up my tank a girl came over to me and the guy who was pumping his truck behind me and asked for help to open her gas tank lid. The other guy didn’t seem to care, so I locked my gas nozzle into place to keep pumping and went over to help. She told me it was a rental so she wasn’t familiar with it, and then she told me she had been reading the manual, so who knows how long she had been there :p . After looking around and finding nothing by the drivers seat, I was like…umm, this is weird. Then I realized what the problem was I went over to the tank where she was standing and pushed the lid and sure enough it popped open 😛 . She was sure embarrassed by that. I then gave her the Good Person tract, lol. 🙂 So maybe God “just happened” to have her there at that time and make her not know how to open her tank just so she could get that tract. That is my blessing for now…STAY TUNED, MORE UPDATES ON THE BLESSINGS OF GOD COMING NEXT!!!