How to Wash Your Earbuds!

I advise you to use caution when proceeding with this cleaning procedure. Side effects could result in ripped or mangled earbuds or soggy speakers. Possibility of survival: Slim.

Well, my normal procedure when putting my clothes from my hamper into the clothes piles is to feel the pockets on all my clothes. I have had many “near death” experiences for certain items. I recall one particular experience which began this tradition and that was when my $50 bluetooth headset went through the wash cycle and was found DOA in my room. Yes, sad memories. BUT a good one because it has started this ritual which was been very successful until yesterday….

The one factor which is hard to keep an eye on is when someone else generously offers their assistance in taking your clothes up for you without your notice. Well, I think it didn’t take much thought on your behalf to understand that is exactly what happened. I got these cool earbuds which came with my new iPhone 3Gs and if I bought them separately the retail price is $30. Yes, $30! I personally think that is quite a bit to pay for headphones, but I gotta say I really like these ones. Yes, so as I was saying, these headphones were neatly tucked in my pocket and went for a spin in the washer, then the dryer and I just picked them up a few minutes ago from my stairs with my clothes (nicely washed)

ANNNNDDD The Verdict is: CLEAN. Yes, my bloggy friends thought they were knotted into a ball of wire and are as curly as a girls hair after it’s been curled they still work. (Hmm, maybe I should try a straightener, LOL)

Just for kicks I thought I would take a picture of these curly cue headphones. I really do praise the Lord that they work, because I was really bummed when I realized what had probably happened and ran upstairs and started digging in the clothes only to realize that those pants were presently in the washer… 🙂

Have a Great Day Ya’ll!