I am the Lord’s!

Romans chapter fourteen has more truth than I can ever preach. I am overwhelmed by the lessons which go throughout here. So many messages can be preached from this passage, but I think we will not understand it to it’s fullness till we all stand before God. There is so much I would love to share, but I don’t think my fingers would permit me to write so much and I think you wouldn’t read it all. One truth that just really hit home to me is Romans 14:7, it says, “For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself.” After looking at the context and diagramming this, the reality of that fact that God owns me struck my mind. We don’t have a right to live for ourself. Those who have trusted in Christ have been saved from penalty of their own sin. Which is me! I have been bought back from the doom of sins penalty and have been set aside for Jesus Christ. After all Christ has done for me how could I ever live for myself? How could I ever live for the flesh. I pray that I may always catch myself from living for myself in the flesh and turn away.

In the context here it is also talking about not judging those that are weak in the faith because they are also children of God and God will cause them to stand. None our debating will do a thing for them. We must live our life for Christ as he persuades us through the scriptures and those that are weak if they be children of God will begin to stand strong through the Holy Spirit working within them. God says in His word here, don’t spend your time doubting them, judging them. Every person will stand before him to give account of their life. It is not our position to judge another, or dull our standards to make them feel “welcome”. Absolutely not….. LIVE FOR CHRIST for if you have trusted Christ as your Saviour, then you are no longer in the chains of sin, you are no longer chained to just doing whatever the flesh wants to do. You are FREE you are free to live for Christ. You are the LORD’s.

The excitement to me is so great in my heart right now. I am however nervous about what the Lord says in those verses, because we will give an account of our life. Though God says we aren’t to be judging each other, there is a judgment that will come and is inescapable. We will be judged by our works. Thankfully I am Christ’s and will not be sent to Hell because he has already forgiven me. I will be responsible if my lifestyle has caused any to stumble. I want to be far more careful of this. I want to watch out for the critical spirit which sometimes clouds my mind. I want to be careful that I am living my life so that others will want to live for God to their fullest. May I never cause anyone to ever stumble.

I am the Lord’s… May I live completely for Him