I will be their God

What a wondrous phrase that God himself said that in spite of our sinful wickedness He would be our God.

I am having an horrible time going to bed, my body is acting like its two in the afternoon. I’m not sure what its thinking; its not giving me any good answers. However, the possible answer was that I needed to do some reading. I think that was the solution, but the only problem now is that I’m so excited about what I read I doubt I will be able to go to sleep quickly if at all. 🙂 I just finished the book called
“Grace” by Spurgeon…. IT WAS AWESOME. There’s is no way I can summarize the enormous amounts of truths and lessons which can be picked just from what I read. I will just tell you one tiny part of a verse to meditate on for a time. I think it will pump ya up… Ok are you reading… Are your ready… God is the spokesman … Ok hold on …. Come on smile… Smile… Get ready to rejoice… Ready…. Ready … “They Shall Be My People”

Wow, now wasn’t that worth the wait. Ponder that phrase now. Do you realize how many times you offend God and he still says that YOU are one of his people. The love of God has been poured out on you so exceedingly. Even in spite of your previous nature of being an enemy of God, He still forgives you and says you are his people. Though you often need to cry to God for forgiveness He still never throws you out from being one of His people. Think of who is claiming you! The God that created all things, the only God. He promises never to leave you or forsake you. He claims you and says that you are mine and I am yours.

My thoughts are running rampant with this glorious thought. I hope my mind still revives this thought in the morning when I will have to drag my groggy body out of bed in a couple hours!!!

Blessing #2 for today 🙂 Apple just released their SDK for the iPhone
and is simply Awesome!

I know I need to watch it, the apple is what caused the first sin right :p