I’m An Addict…

Yup you read it right…..I’m addicted! To what? WALLYBALL!!! It is the most wonderful sport in the world! A lot of people have never heard of it. If you are at all familiar with Raquetball it will be easier to picture in your mind. It is played in a raquetball court with a net stretched across the middle. Picture the ball as basically a larger raquetball. Very bouncy! The game is played basically the same as regular Volleyball. EXCEPT you can use the walls! That is the very best part of the game. You can bounce the ball off the walls in all sorts of angles to get the ball in the spot you want. Another great aspect of the game is that there is no chasing of that ball!

When I was 13-14 and we lived in Iceland I pratically lived at the gym. No kidding, I would go to the gym every single day and a lot of times it was to play Wallyball with my friends. This was partially due to the fact that I had to do PE everyday for A Beka. When we moved away I hardly ever played because I couldn’t drive and in Iceland I could just walk to the gym.

Recently myself and some friends have started the tradition of a weekly Wallyball game. I am remembering now why I used to play almost every day. It’s a blast! Slamming against walls, falling on the floor…..much more fun than it sounds. haha It’s a great time to spend with friends (sometimes we are laughing so hard we are doubled over) but you get a really good workout! Seriously, if you like to play any type of sport you MUST try this. Once you play one time, you WILL want to go again. Beware lest you too become an addict…

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