I’m Here, Safe and Sound =)

Hi Everyone,
WE MADE IT…. hehe. After many hours of flying and riding and pacing in the airport we arrived in Africa. It has been a wonderful
experience so far. It’s like a hands on Bible Course and I love it. I slept really good last night like normal. I believe I inherited my grandfathers ability to sleep almost anywhere. =) I stayed up later  once I arrived and was able to thankfully get on the internet 😀 So I  was able to catch up on my emails and send out updates for my iPhone  applications. Unfortunately I was not able to complete them before I  left because of some technical difficulties. But, I was extremely  pleased with their results because what they told me would for sure  take almost 2 weeks they found it didn’t take as long and they got it  done in a few days. I got a team that works for me in India and a lady that does some graphic work for my in Italy and so it makes it really fun with them being on different time zones and it makes it even more interesting when I start flying to other countries like Thailand and
now on the African continent.

Sooo, okay today I woke up around 6:30 Bot Time and realized it is not possible to take a shower without a towel, well I guess it’s
possible, but it would make me rather uncomfortable for the rest of the day. So I was able to do my devotions etc. and then find out where the towels were later. Then throughout the morning all us guys filtered through the shower and then had a breakfast of eggs and toast. Great stuff. Pastor then had a group devotional and showed us the method he uses for developing plans for the the day, the week, or even your life. Great stuff. My brother Titus was pretty awed by everything taught also and is quite excited that he could come.There was also a number of people who wanted to meet with us and so we met and had a great time talking. The people here are very friendly. Thank you for all who have told me that they are praying for me. It was such a HUGE blessing to hear from sooo many of you and know that you were concerned for the work. Prayer makes great things happen!