I’m So Thankful For…

Ok….so it’s been November for over a week now. I still can’t believe it. 15 days until Thanksgiving! So, as I count down the days, I will share things I am thankful for. I don’t know if 15 days is enough to cover it all!

– Good health. Haven’t been feeling too well these past couple of days but I am up and perky now! 🙂
– A wonderful church! The Lord has blessed me so much in allowing me to be part of a church that preaches the pure Word of God. I have grown so much since we’ve been here!
– Bible Training Institute (this kind of goes with the last one). So many times I have found myself in conversation with someone and have been able to answer questions, thanks to the thorough teaching of the Bible Training Institute at BBC.
-My family. We love to tease (a Hower trait) but also know how to love.
– My dog. Ok so he’s not MY dog, but he’s definitely a pal. Yesterday when I was sick he just snuggled with me all day. So cute!

Those are a few for now….till tomorrow.