I’m So Thankful (Part 2)

*~ I’m so thankful for the good education I received in Highschool. (A Beka DVD homeschool for credit) While math never was my favorite, it’s starting to come back to me! I’m preparing to start college classes for the Winter quarter and all this testing is forcing me to brush up on my Algebra. Even though it hasn’t been a very “fun” thing, I am glad that I was forced to learn it well at one point because it’s making my life a lot easier right now.

*~ Music…..a passion of my life. 🙂 While I have been very busy lately and not able to really get to the piano as much as I would like, I am SO glad to see the church orchestra growing! We now have four flutes (including me), a violin and two guitars! And a few up-and-coming musicians. :o) Music is something I can’t imagine my life without. The Lord has given me the ability to praise him through the song of my fingers, and that is something I will never EVER be ungrateful for. My prayer is to enstill that in others. It was such a blessing last night to be able to play an offertory duet with one my students, a seven year old who has been playing for less than a year. I’m excited to see how the Lord uses her growing talent in the years to come.

*~Our military. Today is Veteran’s Day and it is extra special to me since my Dad is a veteran. In fact, he’s over there serving right now! I will forever be grateful to every person who has given their life for the sake of this country. I speak not only of those who have died, but of those who have made many sacrifices to ensure that our country and its freedom is protected.

*~I’m very grateful for the Lord’s provision and how He teaches us faith. This last month was Missions Month and that involves a renewal of Faith Promise. I knew the Lord wanted me to increase my amount, but it was definitely a test of my faith because I know that I will be unemployed over the next year due to full time school schedule. After much prayer, I went with the amount the Lord laid on my heart. A few days later my mom informed me that the stipend I’ll be receiving while going to school is much more than I expected! Not only will this allow me to freely give the amount I promised, but it will allow me to give even more! Praise the Lord!

Didn’t intend to write paragraphs for each, but hey….this is me! 🙂