Well Hello my bloggy friends, I am terribly sorry for the extended period of silence on my blog. I fear that it has turned into a boring blog instead of a blessing blog. I am right now in Carlisle, PA. You may be wondering, “Why in the world is he there?” And that my friend is the reason I write. I am currently in this place because I am meeting with a group of other preacher guys in training as well as a couple other Pastors and us younger guys are learning the art of preaching preparation. Us guys also have the very exciting opportunity to preach. I actually was able to preach tonight, so thankfully I do not have that message on my mind right now. I was quite busy this morning preparing it along with the last couple days of thinking and studying for it.
I learned so so much from this passage. I didn’t notice this before, but there is a great theme through Matthew 12:1-15:7 and it opened my eyes on the importance of how a church ought to be in unity together with the mind of Christ pressing forward to complete the Will of God. The chapter before and after really shed some great “contextual” light on that passage as well. It is really cool how the Bible just fits together like one really cool Jigsaw puzzle.
Right now I am in the “Sleep Inn”. John Jr. and I are sharing a very spacious room. The reason it is so spacious it is a handicapped room so everything is larger. Thankfully I got to share the room with John so we could have the handicapped room or otherwise I would have had a much smaller place 🙂 hehe
So I was sitting here in the room thinking about what I should do and I was like. “I’m a Genius”. I will write on my blog since I haven’t done it in approximately forever. If I sound like I’m nuts, the reason is because I am. Haha. Well, I think it is a combination of it being very cold outside and we had icecream. (Don’t ask me what I was thinking). Now I’m in the room with John and well that should explain the nuttiness.
Probably after this blog John Jr. will begin being a faithful subscriber so he knows the rumors which I start about him. Oh, and by the way, him being handicapped isn’t a rumor. lol

Sorry folks. I know this blog has been a little out of my character, but having so many serious blog posts recently I really needed to lighten some things up.

Have a Fabulous, Fantastic, Awesome, Spectacular, Outstanding, Wonderful Day!

BenH =)