It’s Friday

Hello my wonderful Family!
It is Friday night! I can’t believe it’s the end of the week again!
It is hard to believe that I will fly out this upcoming Tuesday. The
time goes so quick. Nat and I are working fervently over the video
project 🙂 There is a bit to do, so please pray we can get it finished
up. I went into town tonight with Nat, Anne, Pookie, Carolyn, Mr. &
Mrs. Gaudet. The main reason we went into town was because I needed to
get my suit checked out to make sure it was good to go. The guys there
were very helpful with helping me make decisions on what to get. As I
said before, it is hard for me to picture what a suit or shirt will
look like when it is just a sheet of cloth. I had basically the same
measurements as last time so that made things easier.
You’ve probably already heard, but Bro. Nadaskay is in town. Did you
send him in to check on me? LOL J/K . Ya, so it was good to see him
again and Monday night we will be having a singspiration since we’ve
got quite a few LVBCers here.
I’m not sure if I said this already, but I was at the border again
this week to unload the truck with all the boxes of literature. We
finished the work in about an hour. It was a very intense hour though.
It felt like multiple hours because of the work involved. Nat, Noah
and I were completely soaked in sweat by the time we were finished.
You may have seen some of the pictures on facebook. The boxes went all
the way to the top of the ceiling. We had to keep showing the guys how
to stack the boxes in a way so they don’t fall over as they are
pulled off. Two of the guys did catch on and so we kept running boxes
all over and trying to keep everything organized. As we re-evaluated
the amounts of certain boxes we had to move some piles to other places
or add certain piles to others all the while trying to work with some
guys that didn’t speak any English. We kept Noah busy translating for
Well, I am back safe now and am in Bangkok running full speed 🙂 Oh,
while we were in town today we stopped at a Mexican restaurant and the
food was excellent. We had a very good time talking and joking around.

I’m just about out of battery so I’m going to plug in my laptop and go
to bed here. Have a good night. I love you all!