It’s Saturday

Hello Family,
As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Nat has arrived and he is in one piece :).

He got up quite early this morning so I think his body is
confused as mine was what time it actually is. There is a missionary
family that is nearby and she was about to have her fifth kid so
Pookie and Anne went to the hospital at 5:30 in the morning to pick up
the kids with the taxi and bring them back to Anne’s house. The girls
watched the kids and then right before picking up Nat at the airport
Bro. Tom took us to the hospital to drop them off. Their last name was
Woods, so Mrs. Woods had a little girl yesterday morning as far as I
know all went well. It’s been busy around here with doing the video
projects so thats the reason for the lack of emails. It won’t be
possible for me to write about it all, so let me think of something
that may be interesting… hmm, oh well I’ll guess I’ll stick with the
travel theme. Aaron and Heather flew back to Ohio two days ago, they
were great guys. Goodbye’s are always bummers. Aaron was really funny
to the moment he left.
Hmm I hear a kid singing really loud next door, I think it’s Gracie,
Jon has been counting down the days till Nat was too arrive and now he
is officially here and he is with the kids next door probably playing
with Jon’s airplanes. Jon doesn’t miss a thing as Nat and I passed by
the door to go to 7-11 he some how spotted us and immediately ran out
the door and started calling us.
OHHHH thank you so much for the sweet note Mom and also the bags of
licorice. I really do like that stuff. We started eating the apple
flavored ones first. Noah’s question was, “Are these made by Apple” 🙂
hehe, anyhow we had a good laugh out of that. Well, I think I’m going
to stop by the Lange’s, though I’ve been here for so long I’ve only
been over to the Lange’s about 2-3 times. I don’t really have any
plans for the day. Anne said something about Future Park, but who
knows we all slept in really like because we were tired (beside Nat,
lol 🙂

Have a Great Day! Stay Sweet! 😛