Just About Got It

Hey Everyone,

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I got really ambitious tonight and decided to create an entire website from scratch. Reason being my windows laptop died =( and on top of that all the files for the old website www.themusichalls.com were on there and then along with that my mother reminded me that she just sent an email out to the church list that our new CD is out and they will soon be able to hear the samples of it on the website. Well, having no files I decided to start the website again with this other program I was thinking of using. The purchase buttons and iTunes links aren’t on there just yet and there a couple other things which are missing, but basically it all came together and I’m going to give all my blog readers a sneak peak 😀 If you go to www.themusichalls.com you will see the old one, but if you go to www.themusichalls.com/new then you can check out what the new site will look like and you can hear the samples to the new CD. Hopefully I can get the site finished tomorrow afternoon and then share the link with the rest of the church family and others.

The new CD came out really really nice. I think my sisters sound so good on their harp duets. Also, I did the CD cover again and I really like the pictures and simple layout. =)

Have a Good Night!