Karen 2012 New Year

Well the New Year for me sure seemed to be in full swing, however, some other nations still had their New Year celebrations to come; such was the case the Burmese Karen people group. My church has sponsored a Karen family from the refugee camps in Thailand a few years back and my friend, Nat Williams, has been taking on most of ┬áthe responsibilities. Nat invited me to come to their New years celebration in the King of Prussia area since he was taking a bus full of them there from Allentown. It was a privilege to go on this trip and it felt sort of like visiting Burma again because of all the Burmese there. The setting was not anything similar to Burmas lifestyle. It is sad how that for 60 some years the Karen have been killed off by their own people, the Burmese. It seems like recently their government may actually be working something out to create peace. It will be incredible to see the Karen allowed back into their country after all they’ve had to endure.

Here is a video clip I recorded while I was at their celebrations. Enjoy!