Kitchen Keeper: My Favorite Knife

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If you spend any amount of time in the kitchen you know the importance of a good knife. When Benjamin and I were married, my parents purchased a set of Pampered Chef knives for us (LOVE THEM!). But you might be surprised to hear that my favorite knife came from a little farmers market in south Georgia where my parents grew up. My mom has had this knife for years and it was always my go-to for any sort of paring or slicing while I hold whatever it is that I’m slicing. I was so ecstatic when my mom visited her hometown and sent me this knife to add to MY┬ánew kitchen!

The balance while holding it is nearly perfect! It’s lightweight but has a very solid feel at the same time. The best part is…it’s available on Amazon! With a little searching I found it for $8.56! (And free shipping if you have Prime). So…if you’re looking at your paring knife with dismay or even just looking for a gift for a chef in your life, get over there and check it out!