Knocking on the Neighbors

Well today was definitely a day of excitement and answered prayer. In short, a BIG blessing 😀 . Some of you may have met our neighbors, the Langons, who have been coming out to church the last couple weeks. Well, today God did a work in Mrs. Langons life and she accepted Christ as her Savior today. She always felt that she was a good girl, but in order to be saved, you need to find yourself lost and today was that day. God was knocking on our neighbors heart door. I’m just praying that the family will all decide to join our church now. The kids are really sweet, specially the baby 🙂 Seriously now, you’ve seen good babies, well this baby tops them all, she like never cries. I asked Mrs. Langon if she ever cries and I was told that she basically never does, she squeeks or something when she’s hungry 🙂 A very cute kid…. Just keep praying for the family, it would be great if they could join our church, they are such a nice family. Thanks for listening, or actually reading, my blessing blog. Have an Awesome Week and keep looking for and asking God to work in your life through these revival messages!