Korean BBQ

Now…..when Americans see the word BBQ they think of ribs and chicken smothered in that delicious sauce.  Unless you’re from the Northwest….then you think of grilling out hamburgers. haha. But Korean BBQ is nothing like either of those.  The idea is this: There are a large buffet of raw meats and veggies.  You grab a few plates, pile them up, then take them back to your table.  On the table there are small grills where you cook your own food.  Generally there is one for two people to share.  It was a really neat experience and great to get to know everyone better. The funny thing is, as I sat down I saw that my eating utensils were a spoon and chopsticks. I started to go into panic mode when I realized I had about four teachers sitting around me. hahaha I didn’t make the best student but I tried to have fun with it. I wouldn’t call myself a pro by any stretch of the imagination, but I think I have a general idea now.

We all rode in a Songtaew to get there. 

The Songtaew.

Myself with the two Hmong girls. They’re so sweet.

Bro. Jeng Lang and his adorable little boy!

 Kaw and his little boy, Joe-ell. he’s SO cute!

At the Korean BBQ. Joe-ell’s face cracks me up here.

Noah showing how it’s done. 🙂

Joe-ell.  so cute!