Ladies Bible Fellowship

Yesterday resumed the Ladies Bible Fellowship. (We take the summer off.) It was SO refreshing to be around the ladies and to have a time of fellowship. For those who aren’t familiar with it, every month we ladies get together for a time of devotions, food, and fellowship. Each month there is a theme with the decorations and food and last night’s was “Back To School”. YIKES! I still can’t believe we are already into that. 🙂 The devotion was such an encouragement to my heart! She spoke about An Unchanging God in a Changing World. Oh how true it is that things in our lives are constantly changing and morphing. But the Lord still remains the same. And He wants to do a work in us through those changes in our lives. We just have to allow him to shape and mold us with His potter’s hands as he shows us things in our lives.

Another part of the Ladies Bible Fellowship is the Secret Prayer Sister. Every month, those who wish to participate put their names in a basket and in turn pick another lady to pray for. The key is “secret”. teehee. The three rules are 1: Make it a point to pray for that lady every single day. 2: Contact her throughout the month to let her know you are praying for her. (While keeping it a secret.) This can be done through gifts and/or a card. 3: Reveal yourself at the end of the month. Some of the ladies chose to do it over the summer, myself included. It was such a blessing to hear that the lady I had been praying for had her request answered that she had put on the little sheet! Praise the Lord! Also, the person who happened to be praying for me was my dear friend Carolyn. Boy, did she have her work cut out for her! 🙂 It is a wonderful thing to know that someone is fervently praying for you.
Carolyn really spoiled me this summer with her gifts! There is actually a funny story behind one. On the plane on the way to LTIA we were seated next to each other. I was looking through one of those magazines that they always have on planes and I saw this really cool pitcher! I though “hey I might get it one day.” so I wrote down the website. Well….Carolyn gave it to me as an SPS gift! I was so surprised!! It’s really neat! It has a tube down the middle that you can put fruit in to give your drink a fruity flavor. Nifty huh?! She also gave me a Pampered Chef cook book that I really wanted. I made a recipe today (Pumpkin Whoopie Pies) and they were fantastic! Thank you Carolyn not only for the wonderful gifts, but being such a great friend and praying for me. Love you!