Learning and Growing

It’s that time again. After a lovely month-long break, school at Skagit Valley College has resumed. I must admit that I was ready for a consistent routine again. It also helps that I can see the end!  This quarter is my last full quarter consisting of 15 credits: Modern Middle East, English Composition II, and Music Theory V.  Next quarter is only 6 credits. And then…well, you know…we’re getting married! 😀  The first week has come and gone and I can already see what a beneficial quarter this will be.

If I’ve learned nothing else while going to school (which I have 🙂 ) it’s the importance of challenging yourself and pushing yourself beyond what is comfortable for you.  Each of us have a “hard” thing in our lives that causes us to make a decision: will I stay comfortable and with what I know? Or will I expand myself and grow in a new area?  Of course, we know what the EASY thing is to do. 🙂 My theme verse for this quarter is Ecclesiastes 9:10a- “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with my might;”

May you all do many “hard” things in 2013.