Learning Thai?

I am attempting (that is a key word) to learn a little bit of Thai before heading to Thailand.  Now…for my Thai friends, I hope that you’ll bear with me once I arrive. 🙂 I still have SOO much to learn!  I feel overwhelmed to say the least.  But every little bit helps.  I am determined to learn five words or phrases a day.  Will I be able to accomplish this?…..We’ll see. 🙂  At first I thought “Well I’ll just learn to speak it and not spend my time learning the characters.” But I think it would be helpful to learn the characters as well.   So here is my attempt at writing….I feel like a little kid again!  Only this time, I feel like I’m writing with my left hand or something. 🙂

Forty-three days before I leave!  I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me…

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